Cuispes village

07 Oct

To visit Cuispes and the Waterfalls Valley is such a great adventure.

Because of the magical enclave where is located, adding the absence of tourism, because its authenticity, because its people kindness……

Cuispes is a small ad quiet village in the eyebrow of  jungle where the time seems to  stopped where maybe you can watch how our grandparents used to live.

A place where you start to think if it is true that progress since kids had taught us is really progress or not .

Time stands still, the constant noise of the city that we get used to, in some ways become a soundtrack for our lives, disappear now like a distant echo,changing into endless harmonious sounds. The whisper  of the animals, the musicality of the wind ,your own breathing that maybe you had forgotten.

It gets dark and you get surprised looking to the night sky completely overwhelmed like a child, is really possible this sky is permanently there? Under a star mantle that seems to be painted,you became aware for the first time you are starting to heal…. and  you breathe.


The fireflies dance between the plants and you enjoy their company,the absence of artificial noises, the stars,everything results so simple and misterious at the same time, the moment is really magic.


Despite to be disconnected from the world, you feel closer to it , to the earth, to nature, more connected than ever to yourself.
Yumbilla falls waterfall La Posada de Cuispes-037Atardecer en Cuispes
Cuispes desde su Plaza de armas
Cuispes, un pueblo sobre las nubes
Casita tradicional de Cuispes
Casita traidicional de Cuispes

Puedes ver fotos del Bosque de las cataratas, aquí:

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